Charles Collins (1874–1923)

The Sweetest Kiss Of All
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The Sweetest
Kiss of All
One of the many virtually unknown Music Hall songwriting greats, Charles Collins wrote Daisy Dormer’s I Wouldn’t Leave My Little Wooden Hut For You (with Tom Mellor, 1905); When There Isn’t A Girl About (with Harry Castling, 1906); Kate Carney’s Are We To Part Like This, Bill? (with Harry Castling, 1912); and Marie Lloyd’s Don’t Dilly Dally On The Way (with Fred W. Leigh, 1919). He also wrote Harry Champion’s hits Boiled Beef And Carrots (with Fred Murray, although some sources credit Bert Lee instead of Murray, 1910); Any Old Iron (with Fred E. Terry and E.A. Sheppard, 1911); and Cover It Over Quick, Jemima (with E.A. Sheppard, 1911).

With Fred Godfrey, Collins wrote Vesta Victoria’s great hit Now I Have To Call Him Father (1908) and Eugene Stratton’s I May Be A Millionaire (1910). Other songs of theirs were as follows:

My Wife’s Upset Me! (with Fred E. Terry and Joe Archer); Too Many Eyes About

The New York printing of I’ll Saw His See-Saw Down

Hello, Mister Right; I’ll Saw His See-Saw Down (with A.J. Mills); Why Be Ashamed Of Him Now? (Once You Were Proud Of Your Dear Old Dad)

The Ladder Of Life; Man, Man, Beautiful Man! (with Will Driscoll); Mother’s Had A Row With Father (with John P. Harrington)

The Sweetest Kiss Of All (Under The Mistletoe) (with Jessie Preston)

When I’m Asleep (with Fred E. Terry and Billy Williams)

I Don’t Know Where You Live (with Billy Williams and Joe Burley)

Would I Like To See My Old Hometown? (with Harry Castling)

Date unknown:
Esau; A Fellow Without A Lady Is The Odd Man Out