Tom Mellor (1880–1926)

Lambeth-born Tom Mellor was the writer of Daisy Dormer’s I Wouldn’t Leave My Little Wooden Hut For You (with Charles Collins, 1905); I Like Your Old French Bonnet (with Alf J. Lawrance and Harry Gifford, 1906); and When It’s Apple Blossom Time In Normandy (with Harry Gifford and Huntley Trevor, 1913). Mellor teamed up with Fred Godfrey and Harry Gifford to produce a large number of songs, especially during the Great War until Godfrey’s conscription in 1917 broke up the collaboration. Their biggest hits were We’re Irish And Proud Of It, Too (1914) and Save Your Kisses Till The Boys Come Home (1915). All of the following songs are by Mellor, Gifford, and Godfrey unless otherwise stated.

There Never Was A Girl Like You

Miss Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm (Mellor and Godfrey); and The Wedding Of Jeanie McKie (Come Along, You Heilan’ Lads) (Mellor, Godfrey and Billy Williams; some sources credit Harry Gifford instead of Mellor)

The Perambulator Promenade (Mellor and Godfrey)

An Entente Cordiale In La Belle France; Everybody’s Happy Up In Liverpool; How’s Your Mother, And How’s Your Dad? All Right, Thank You; Hurroo! Hurroo! Here We Are Again!; I’m Off To Kelly’s Isle; It’s The Same Old Tommy And The Same Old Jack! (with Alf. J. Lawrance); It’s The Way They Have In The Navy; I’ve Been Out With Johnny Walker; I’ve Got A Lad In Yorkshire (Yorkshire Belongs To Me); Johnny O’Morgan, On His Little Mouth Organ, Playing “Home Sweet Home”; Little Miss Waltz Time Is Coming Home; My Little Red Cross Girl (I Shall Wear The Rosary That You Gave To Me); They All Play The Same Old Game; We All Want To Do The Same As Father; When I Hear Those Bells Of Brittany; and Your Smiles Are The Sunshine (Your Tears Are The Rain)

Hullo! Hullo! Hullo! (You’re Carrying On); I’ve Seen Beautiful Pictures; Mister Sergeant Michael Donoghue; Tommy Boy!; Tommy’s Learning French; and The Wee Little House That You Live In (Is The Best Little Place Of All)

I Do Like The Life, I Do! (Mellor and Godfrey); If She Has An Irish Way With Her (Shure Her Heart’s All Right); It’s A Wonderful Great Big Love That’s Calling Me Back To You (Mellor and Godfrey); It’s Going To Be A Night, That Night (Mellor and Godfrey); The Ladder Of Roses (Mellor and Godfrey); Put On Your Little Wooden Shoes (Mellor and Godfrey); Raining (Drops Of Love For You And Me) (Mellor and Godfrey); Send The Boys A Little Snapshot (Of The Ones They’ve Left Behind); Spain, My Sunny Spain (Mellor and Godfrey); and You’re Some Tram-Conductor Girl (Mellor and Godfrey)

Date unknown:
Americana; Hullo Little Girl, How Do; I Want To Roller-Skate, Johnny (with T.W. Thurban); Somebody Wants Me; When I’m With You (1913?); and When Johnny Comes Marching Home