I Want You To See My Girl


I Want You To See My Girl I Want You To See My Girl songcard
The Twin 119
Beka Grand 40579
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1909 recording by
Frank Williams.


Harry Castling & Fred Godfrey — London: Bert Feldman; Melbourne: Stanley Mullen, 1908.

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Introduced by Charles Whittle at the South London Theatre, 9 November, 1908.



Bert Alvey (Beka Grand 40579, 1908)

Arthur Blackwell (Jumbo 307, 1909)

Jack Charman (Columbia-Rena 1080, 1909)

Stanley Kirkby as “Charles Lester” (Clarion 292, 1909) [cylinder]

Frank Williams (The Twin 119, 1909)



Interpolated by Winifred Ward in pantomime The House That Jack Built (Marlborough Theatre, London, December 1908); by Nell Emerald in pantomime Sinbad The Sailor (Leeds Grand, December 1908); by Ouida Macdermott in pantomime Aladdin (Prince’s Theatre, Bristol, December 1908); by Rosie Bartlett in pantomime Robinson Crusoe (Her Majesty’s Theatre, Dundee, December 1908); by Dot Carey in pantomime Cinderella (County Theatre, Bedford, December 1908); by Edith Housley in pantomime Cinderella (Royal Theatre, Exeter, December 1908); by Roland Bottomley in Meynell and Gunn’s pantomime Cinderella (Australia, 1908?).