We’re All Waiting For A Girl



We're All Waiting For A Girl We're All Waiting For A Girl (Aus) Popular P157
Listen to a clip of a
1910 recording by
Jack Charman.


Fred Murray & Fred Godfrey; Stanley Mullen sheet music credits Billy Williams & Fred Godfrey; assignment letter dated 23 November 1909 also credits Fred E. D’Albert — London: Francis, Day & Hunter; Melbourne: Stanley Mullen, Allan & Co., 1910.

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Billy Williams recorded four versions of this song: 4 March 1909 for Homophon, ca. October 1909 for Edison Standard Cylinder, ca. March 1910 for Pathé, and a 1909 recording for Zonophone of uncertain date. Reissues appeared on several other labels.1

Jack Charman (Grammavox E-27; Popular P-157); as “Fred Vernon” (Bell Disc 141; Columbia-Rena 1262, 1910)

Will Terry as “Billy Milton” (Jumbo 443, 1910)

Fred Murray (Little Champion 3022); [or Harry Fay as “Fred Vernon”?] (Bell Disc 176)

Charles Denton (Clarion 370, 1910) [cylinder]

The King’s Military Band, in “1912 Panto Hits” (Columbia-Rena 1783, 1912)

Stanley Kirkby (Coliseum 268, 1912)

Harry Fay, in “Billy Williams Songs Memories, Part 2” (Regal Zonophone MR-1047, 1932)

Morris & Cowley, in 7-LP set “Palace Of Varieties — Old Time Music Hall” (BBC CN-1426, 1976 reissue of recordings made 1952–58)



1  For comprehensive discographies of recordings by Billy Williams, see Brian Rust, British Music Hall on Record (Harrow, UK:
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