We’re All Waiting For A Girl



We're All Waiting For A Girl (Aus) Popular P157
Listen to a clip of a
1910 recording by
Jack Charman.



Fred Murray & Fred Godfrey; Stanley Mullen sheet music credits Billy Williams & Fred Godfrey; Fred E. D’Albert also a co-writer according to assignment letter dated 23 November 1909 — London: Francis, Day & Hunter; Melbourne: Stanley Mullen, Allan & Co., 1910.

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Billy Williams, “The Man In The Velvet Suit,” made this song his in particular, but it was also performed by others, as the recordings below attest. One who sang it in the Halls was Miss Esta Stella, who, “at the Grand, Glasgow, scored an enormous success with ‘We’re All Waiting For A Girl.’ This delightful artiste rapidly won her way to the hearts of her audience with her splendid rendition of this song.”1



Billy Williams recorded four versions of this song: 4 March 1909 for Homophon, ca. October 1909 for Edison Standard Cylinder, ca. March 1910 for Pathé, and a 1909 recording for Zonophone of uncertain date. Reissues appeared on several other labels.2

Jack Charman (Grammavox E-27; Popular P-157); as “Fred Vernon” (Bell Disc 141; Columbia-Rena 1262, 1910)

Will Terry as “Billy Milton” (Jumbo 443, 1910)

Fred Murray (Little Champion 3022); [or Harry Fay as “Fred Vernon”?] (Bell Disc 176)

Charles Denton (Clarion 370, 1910) [cylinder]

The King’s Military Band, in “1912 Panto Hits” (Columbia-Rena 1783, 1912)

Stanley Kirkby (Coliseum 268, 1912)

Harry Fay, in “Billy Williams Songs Memories, Part 2” (Regal Zonophone MR-1047, 1932)

Morris & Cowley, in 7-LP set “Palace Of Varieties — Old Time Music Hall” (BBC CN-1426, 1976 reissue of recordings made 1952–58)



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