You’ve Got Me And I’ve Got You



Bennett Scott & Fred Godfrey — London: Star Music, 1914.

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You've Got Me You've Got Me songcard 1 You've Got Me songcard 1 You've Got Me songcard 1

According to The Stage (“Song Notes,” 12 November 1914, p. 20), “Beattie and Babs are making a hit at the Ardwicke Empire with Fred Godfrey and Bennett Scott’s ‘You’ve Got Me And I’ve Got You’ [and]...Fred Barnes made a success in Hull last week with no fewer than three Star numbers [including] ‘You’ve Got Me And I’ve Got You’....These numbers will loom large in pantomime this season.” Some months later, The Stage reported that “Fred Barnes, who is at the Hippodrome, Norwich, this week, is finding [the song] as successful in the provinces as it was in London” (“Song Notes,” 29 April 1915, p. 21). Mona Magnet and Ian McKay also had a hit with the song in 1915.



G.H. Elliott, with Emilie Hays (Zonophone 1518, 1914)

Stanley Kirkby (Regal G-6824, 1914)

Walter Wilmott (Cinch 5381)

Interpolated by Kitty Collyer in the revue Passing Events (Finsbury Park Empire, London, 1915).