Alf J. Lawrance (d. 1955)


Writer of I Like Your Old French Bonnet (with Tom Mellor and Harry Gifford, 1906), Alf J. Lawrance teamed up with Fred Godfrey in 1908 for The Baby’s Parade (with Harry Gifford); Ev’rybody Calls Her Rosa (My Little Mimosa Girl); the popular Have You Got Another Girl At Home Like Mary?; I Love To Hear You, Joan; and Oh! The Love-Birds (with Harry Gifford). Thereafter, the partnership was renewed for Underneath Your Mushroom Umbrella (with Harry Gifford, 1909); I Wish I Were You, To-Night (with Will Letters, 1910); Down In Dolly Town (1911); and It’s The Same Old Tommy And The Same Old Jack! (with Tom Mellor and Harry Gifford, 1914).