Clarkson Rose (1890–1968)

Clarkson Rose, born Arthur C. Rose in Dudley, Worcestershire, enjoyed considerable popularity as an entertainer, songwriter, and author, especially during the 1920s and ’30s, and was one of the greatest of the pantomime dames. He was married to entertainer Olive Fox.

“Clarkie” collaborated with Fred Godfrey on a number of songs, the dates of which have not been ascertained; some may not have been published: Certainly Not Mr. Parkington Pott; Cute; Her Ladyship’s Fallen In Love; I’m A Little Bit Of Pre-War Stuff; Little Skipper; Look What The Naughty 90’s Did For Me; The Man In The Street; Our Neighbours; The Skipper Of The Side (the two “Skipper” songs may be the same). He likely performed many of these and other Godfrey songs on stage as well. The Stage (15 May 1930, p. 8) reports his singing Godfrey and George Arthur’s The Chiristening Of The Baby Doll.