Fred E. D’Albert

In 1906, Fred D’Albert and Fred Godfrey wrote Mary, Queen Of Scots for Vesta Victoria, who apparently took it with her for her tour of American Vaudeville stages in January 1907 (“The Music-Hall World,” Entr’acte, 13 December 1906, p. 7; the same issue also mentions a “Canadian” number by the two writers, to be published by Shapiro Von Tilzer Publishing. These are the earliest known Godfrey songs.

The two Freds teamed up again in 1909 for several more songs: The Cigarette Went Out; Have You Met A Girl Named Mary?; I Wish That I Knew Your Little Sister; I’m Not A Baby Any More; The Little Grasshopper Hopped Away; Put On Your Old Plaid Shawl; She’s A Girl Up North; There’s A Girl In Berlin (with J.C. Moore); and When You’ve Got A Lady Near You. That same year, they also wrote three songs for Australian Music Hall star and early recording pioneer Billy Williams, “The Man In the Velvet Suit”: Come Into The Garden, John (with Williams); In The Land Where The Women Wear The Trousers (with Williams); and Oh! Oh! Oh! (A Tale Of Paris).

In 1910, Godfrey and D’Albert wrote In The Land Where The Heather Grows and Put On Your Kilt, Sandy. D'Albert is also listed in an assignment letter dated 23 November 1909 as a co-writer (with Godfrey and Fred Murray) of the 1910 Billy Williams song We’re All Waiting For A Girl. A December 1906 report in The Era credits Fred D’Albert, instead of George D’Albert, with co-writing Any Windows To Mend? (1907).