Fred Murray (d. 1922)

Fred Murray was the writer of Vesta Victoria’s Our Lodger’s Such A Nice Young Man (with Laurence Barclay, 1897); Harry Bedford’s A Little Bit Off The Top (with Fred W. Leigh, 1901); and Harry Champion’s hits Boiled Beef And Carrots (with Charles Collins, 1910); I’m Henry The Eighth, I Am (with R.P. Weston, 1911), which was improbably revived in 1965 by the English rock group Herman’s Hermits (their version hit #1 on the Billboard chart in the United States); and Ginger, You’re Balmy (1912).

With Fred Godfrey, Murray wrote Billy Williams’s hit We’re All Waiting For A Girl (1908). In 1909, Godfrey and Murray wrote Hilly, Holly, O! and Florrie Forde’s One Day She Helped Herself To Father; and in 1912 they collaborated again (with either Larry Lewis or Charles Hilbury — sources differ) on Silly Thing.