J.P. [John Patrick] Harrington (1865–1939)

Writer of I Know Where The Flies Go (On A Cold And Frosty Morning (with Sam Mayo, 1920), J.P. Harrington collaborated with Fred Godfrey on a number of songs. In 1909 came Florrie Forde’s Pull Yourselves Together, Girls!; the topical Tony! Tony! Send A Marconigram; and When The Guards Do The Birdcage Walk.

In 1910, the team produced Ev’ry Girl Loves A Military Man (with Orlando Powell); I Want To Land In Ladyland; Vesta Victoria’s Mother’s Had A Row With Father (with Charles Collins); Who’s Going To Take Me For A Walk Tonight; Tomorrow May Be “Good-bye”! (with Orlando Powell); and Won’t There Ever Be Any Wedding Bells For Me?