Shaun Glenville (1884–1968)

Irish-born comedian and songwriter Shaun Glenville’s greatest hit was If You’re Irish, Come Into The Parlour (with Frank Miller, 1920). His mother was the manager of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. He and his wife, singer Dorothy Ward, were among Fred Godfrey’s circle of friends; their son Peter Glenville, a childhood friend of Godfrey’s youngest daughter Peggie (1912–2001), later became a well-known film director (The Comedians) and Broadway producer.

Together, Glenville and Godfrey wrote There’s Something In The Irish After All (with Leslie Leonard Cooke) (1915); If You Come From Yorkshire (By Gum, Tha’s Reet Up T’Mark) (1916); Soldiers Like It (1918); and Wait A Minute (There’s A Little Bit More To Come!) (with Godfrey writing as “Edward E. Elton”, 1929).