Don’t Go Out With Him Tonight



Letter dated 31 January 1911 from Fred Godfrey
and Harry Castling assigning the performing rights and a share of the publishing royalties of Don’t Go Out With Him Tonight (and several other songs) to Billy Williams. Somehow, though, Alfred Glover, rather than Castling, gets credit on the published sheet music.


Fred Godfrey, Billy Williams & Alfred Glover; EMI credits Godfrey & Glover; Harry Carlton also a co-author, according to an assignment letter dated 31 January 1911 — London: Francis, Day & Hunter, 1911.

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Tower 224-BRecordings

Billy Williams recorded six versions of this song: 21 April 1911 for Zonophone; ca. April 1911 for Columbia; ca. April1911 for Homophon; ca. April 1911 for Pathé; ca. April 1911 for Edison Amberol; and ca. October 1911 for Jumbo. Reissues appeared on several other labels.1

Jack Charman, acc. by the Dacapo London Orchestra (Dacapo 299, 1911?; John Bull 11643, 1911?)

Jumbo Military Band, in “Jumbo Band Medley 1” (Jumbo 617, 1912)



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