Have You Got Another Girl At Home Like Mary?



Have You Got Another Girl At Home Like Mary? (US sheet) Have You Got Another Girl (Australian)
HMV C2082
The Twin 91-B

Listen to a
1909 recording
by Harry Fay
(as “Herbert Forman”).


Alf J. Lawrance & Fred Godfrey — London: Star Music; Bert Feldman; New York: Francis, Day & Hunter; Melbourne: Allen, 1908; American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) lists publisher as Glenwood Music.

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This is one of the few Fred Godfrey songs that was as big in America as it was in Britain. As for the latter, The Stage (29 October 1908) noted that “Miss Edith Fink has been the happy recipient of unstinted applause at the Glasgow Empire for her artistic rendering of the now popular ditty ‘Have You Got Another Girl At Home Like Mary.’ This clever little lady, who until recently adorned musical comedy, has effectively adapted herself to the requirements of the variety stage.”

And file this one under “Fred Godfrey songs show up in the most amazing places”: in this Youtube clip dating from about November 1976 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9ry1ANvfZg), Kate Mulgrew (later Captain Kathryn Janeway of the starship Voyager) is serenaded with Fred’s old ditty in the US TV soap Ryan’s Hope.


A 1931 newspaper ad for
Jack Hylton & His Band’s
reprise of Have You Got
Another Girl At Home
Like Mary


Stanley Kirkby as “Frank Miller” (Clarion 187, 1908) [cylinder]

Jack Charman (Columbia D-242, 1909)

The Royal Regimental Band, in “Pantomime Echoes” (Columbia D-258, 1909)

Harry Fay as “Herbert Forman” (Zonophone Twin 91, 1909)

——— [as himself] (Bell Disc 102, ca. 1910)

Jack Hylton & His Orch., in “Still More Old Songs” (HMV C-2082, 1930)




Stage and Film Interpolations

Sung by Arthur Sutcliffe in pantomime Aladdin, Prince’s Theatre, Bristol (December 1908); by Mimi Fisher in pantomime Fair One, Grand Theatre, Hull (December 1908); by Marie Empress in pantomime Cinderella, Theatre Royal, Nottingham (December 1908); by Nellie Barnwell in pantomime The Forty Thieves, Opera House, Cheltenham (December 1908–January 1909).

Interpolated in film Variety (1935); in TV series Ryan’s Hope (ca. November 1976) .