Here We Are Again!



Undated letter from Fred Godfrey assigning the rights to
Here We Are Again to Billy Williams.

Billy Williams & Fred Godfrey — London: Francis, Day & Hunter, 1911; copyright renewed by Godfrey, 1938 [Library of Congress].

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Coliseum 146 Columbia 1564-A Starr Gennett 4691-B




Regal G6003

Listen to a 1911
recording by
Billy Williams for
Columbia, reissued
around 1920 on the
budget Regal label.



This was one of Billy Williams’ most successful songs, and he recorded at least seven different versions of it: ca. January 1911 for Columbia, 3 February 1911 for Zonophone, ca. March 1911 for Homophon, ca. March 1911 for Edison Standard, ca. April 1911 for Pathé, ca. June 1911 for Favorite, and ca. December 1911 for Beka Grand. Reissues appeared on a large number of other labels — the Canadian Starr-Gennett release pictured above was a catalogue offering from as late as 1925.1

Reginald Foort, organ, in “Good Old Songs Medley, Part 2” (Gramophone BD-774, 1939)




1  For comprehensive discographies of recordings by Billy Williams, see Brian Rust, British Music Hall on Record (Harrow, UK:
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