I Wish It Was Sunday Night



Billy Williams, Huntley Trevor & Fred Godfrey, 1911; published London: Francis, Day & Hunter, 1912; Trevor assigns his rights to Williams in a letter dated 22 Decemeber 1911; manuscripts of lyrics (two drafts) in author’s collection.

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Columbia A1729-AHMV-120082-APhoenix 069-B



Billy Williams recorded five versions of this popular hit: ca. December 1911 for Homophon, 3 January 1912 for Zonophone, ca. March 1912 for Columbia, ca. March 1912 for Pathé, and ca. April 1912 for Edison Amberol. Reissues appeared on several other labels.1

Jumbo Military Band, in “Jumbo Band Medley 2” (Jumbo 617, 1912)

Jack Charman as “Ted Yorke” (The Winner 2323, 1913); reissued (Starr Gennett 4562, 1919)

Interpolated in the BBC-TV Channel 4 mini-series “A Dance to the Music of Time” (late 1990s?)



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