Jean Loves All The Jockeys



Fred Godfrey & Billy Williams — London: Francis, Day & Hunter, 1913.

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Billy Williams and Fred Godfrey both loved putting a bob or two on the gee gees, and the chorus of this paean to one of their favourite pastimes reels off the names of the famous jockeys of the day: Frankie Wooten, Danny Maher, Elijah Wheatley, Charlie Trigg, Stephen Donohue, Charlie Foy, Jackie Clarke — do racing fans still remember these great sportsmen?



Columbia R2225-ARegal G6648-ARecordings

Billy Williams recorded five versions of this song: 25 March 1913 for Zonophone, ca. March-April 1913 for Favorite (and Columbia), ca. June 1913 for Homophon, ca. June 1913 for Pathé, and ca. October 1913 for Edison Blue Amberol. Reissues appeared on several other labels.1



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