Oh! Molly McIntyre (I’ll Be A Scotchman For You)


Fred Godfrey & Billy Williams — London: Francis, Day & Hunter, 1913; originally written as Maggie MacIntyre (Change Your Name To Macadoo) [1912]; manuscript of lyrics of original version in author’s collection.

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Zonophone Twin 910-AColumbia A1919-ATower 224-A



Billy Williams recorded seven versions of this song: 26 July 1912 for Zonophone, ca. August 1912 for Columbia, ca. August 1912 for Homophon, ca. September 1912 for Jumbo, ca. September 1912 for Pathé, ca. December 1912 for Favorite, and ca. October 1913 for Edison Blue Amberol. Reissues appeared on several other labels, including the uncommon Tower pressing of the Homophon master from around 1921 shown above.1



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