Put A Bit Of Powder On It, Father



Harry Castling & Fred Godfrey — London: Francis, Day & Hunter; Melbourne: Stanley Mullen, 1908.

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Apex 406-B Famous 259 Pathé 8098-A In the days before recording formats were standardized, many different patents competed. This is an example of a “vertical cut, center-start” pressing, whereby the needle tracks the groove up and down (rather than side to side as became normal later on), and the groove spirals from the center to the outside edge (rather than from the edge inward).
A Canadian reissue
from the mid-1920s, with incorrect
composing credits.


Billy Williams recorded six versions of this song: 16 April 1908 for Homophon, April 1908 for Zonophone, ca. August 1908 for Edison Standard Cylinder, ca. January 1909 for Jumbo, ca. August 1909 for Edison Bell, ca. September 1909 for Pathé. Reissues appeared on several other labels.1

Albert Marsh (Clarion 211, 1908) [cylinder]



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