Where Does Daddy Go When He Goes Out?



Where Does daddy Go (Australian)
Letter dated 24 June 1912 from Fred Godfrey assigning the rights to Where Does Daddy
Go When He Goes Out?
and numerous other songs to Billy Williams. Several of these
songs went unrecorded by Billy, though he might have performed them on stage.
Image source:
National Library of Australia,


Fred Godfrey & Billy Williams — London: Francis, Day & Hunter; Melbourne: Allan & Co., 1912.

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Columbia A1691-B Favorite 565-A Winner 2323-B HMV-Victor 120701-B


One of Billy Williams’s most popular numbers, he recorded at least six versions of it: 26 July 1912 for Zonophone, ca. August 1912 for Columbia, ca. August 1912 for Edison Amberol, ca. August 1912 for Homophon, ca. September 1912 for Pathé, and ca. December 1912 for Favorite. Reissues appeared on several other labels.1

Jack Charman as “Ted Yorke” (The Winner 2323, 1913; reissued on Starr-Gennett 4562 [Canada], 1919)



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