The Artists Who Sang Fred Godfrey’s Songs


Molly McGlorThe Baby’s Parade

“At the Empire, Newcastle, last week Gertie Gitana tried her new number
‘Molly McGlory,’ and so successful did it prove that henceforth
Miss Gitana will sing it at all her engagements”

The Stage, 7 October 1915


The list of artists who sang Fred Godfrey’s songs reads like a Who’s Who of British Music Hall and Variety. Music Hall luminaries Gertie Gitana, Alec Hurley, George Lashwood, Talbot O’Farrell, and Eugene Stratton are among the many who accepted his songs. Stars of a later era who are known to have used Godfrey material include Max Bygraves (of course, he used everybody’s material!), Noël Coward, Tommy Handley, Vera Lynn, Clarkson Rose, Leslie Sarony — even former champion French boxer Georges Carpentier in his late 1920s incarnation as a song-and-dance man. The immortal Bing Crosby sang Godfrey’s Bless ’Em All on his radio show twice, just before and after D-Day. Some of Britain’s most popular dance bands — Billy Cotton, Henry Hall, Jack Hylton, Joe Loss, Percival Mackey, Debroy Somers — also recorded Fred Godfrey songs.

The artists highlighted below had particular success with Fred Godfrey songs. For some details about them and what they sang, please click on their names.

Fred Barnes

Whit Cunliffe

Peter Dawson

Daisy Dormer

G.H. Elliott

Gracie Fields

Tom E. Finglass

Florrie Forde

George Formby Jr

Shaun Glenville

Max Miller

Ella Retford

Mark Sheridan

Ella Shields

Randolph Sutton

Arthur Tracy, “The Streetsinger”

Vesta Victoria

Dorothy Ward

Albert Whelan

Charles R. Whittle

Billy Williams